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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What print data is required?

When printing your image on digitally printed wallcoverings, the optimum result depends on the file size that you provide us with. Generally, the following applies: the bigger the file, the bigger the printable format. The file needs to be available as a TIFF or JPG. Just to be sure: when you upload your image file using our configurator, the maximum printable size of your requested product will automatically be displayed. Find detailed information on print data [here].

2. What is the difference between Erfurt-JuicyWalls BASIC and ERFURT-JuicyWalls PRO materials?

The strips of ERFURT-JuicyWalls BASIC material have a strip width of 46.5 cm, while the five different textures of ERFURT-JuicyWalls PRO materials have a width of 72 cm. All our printable nonwoven materials have the following properties: -Free of PVC and harmful plasticisers, as they are made of 100% nonwoven material -Dry-strippable -Scratch and scuff-resistant -Durable and cover cracks -User-orientated professional widths -Textures emphasise the depth effect of the images

3. How does the wallpaper configurator work?

Our wallpaper configurator offers two options. On the one hand, you can easily upload your own image, enabling you to uniquely configure the material and format. It also lets you select an image from our image pool and configure it individually to your specific requirements.

4. What paste can I use for nonwoven wallpaper?

We recommend using brand paste specifically designed for nonwoven wallpaper. Our products have been tested with Henkel “Metylan direct” paste. Apply the dimensionally stable wallcovering butt-jointed directly to the wall using the paste-the-wall technique (apply paste directly to the wall, position the wallcovering in the wet bed of paste), without the need for soaking time. Using a sheepskin roller, generously apply the nonwoven wallcovering paste evenly to the base surface a littler wider than the strip width. Important note: Immediately remove any escaping paste with a moist sponge, as it can remain visible after drying.

5. How do I apply the wallcovering to the wall?


1. When will my goods be ready for shipment?

Our individually produced wallcovering will be shipped to the specified delivery address within ten working days.

2. Can I have my goods delivered by express shipping?

We can express ship your product for urgent projects where a precise delivery date is required. Please speak to your contact at the wholesaler who will then get in touch with us.


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